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Biological and psychological measurement of EFT for depression: A case study - Dr Dawson Church

A case study by Dawson Church shows how Anne's depression reduced with EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and the effects on plants via a bioassay.

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Breakthroughs in Energy Psychology: A new way to heal the body and mind - Dr David Feinstein, Dr Dawson Church

Various findings on the effect of EFT ("Tapping") on the physical body and the brain by Nick Ornter, producer of the hit documentary film, "The Tapping Solution".

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Can Matrix Reimprinting Be Effective in the Treatment of Emotional Conditions in a Public Health Setting - Stewart, Boath, Carryer, et al. (2013)

Results of a UK Pilot Study about Matrix Reimprinting as a cost-effective treatment to reduce a range of physical and psychological disorders.

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A UK Matrix Reimprinting Pilot Study by Dr Craig Weiner, as published in the Energy Psychology Journal.

Gary Williams interviews Craig about the first Matrix Reimprinting pilot study published in a peer review journal, Energy Psychology Journal / Theory, Research and Treatment. Headed up by Prof Tony Stewart, the study called ‘Can Matrix Reimprinting be effective for the treatment of emotional conditions in a public health setting?’ brings hope and possibility to help those in need more effectively than ever before.

EFT Tapping for Stress Relief in classrooms - The Tapping Solution.

Kids these days have tremendous amounts of stress. Imagine a time when you were really stressed, now put that stress on an 11 year old child and then send them to school.

By implementing EFT/Tapping these kids can relieve some of their anxiety and spend their energy on the important things - such as learning.

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Harvard Study shows EFT helps overcome stress, depression and more - Dr. David Feinstein

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Scientific & Clinical Evidence for Energy Medicine like EFT - Dr Rangana Choudhuri, PhD Biochemistry, Oxford University.

A comprehensive overview of recent Energy Medicine research by Dr Rangana Choudhuri.

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