Testimonials Happy clients say...

" It has helped me to understand myself better and how to deal with some issues I have in my life. Also, it has taught me to be in control of my own future. I feel empowered and will keep using the tapping to better myself to be a happy, healthy me. Thank you so much Monique. You are so good at what you do." - A V

" Monique has brought clarity and a sense of direction to my life goals and dreams. I came in with the hope that Monique could help me with a process I could use everyday and she delivered to a level that exceeded every expectation I had. I go home feeling like I have a sense of purpose again." - J T

" Very informative, loved the sessions. Thank you Monique for all your wisdom and energy. Would happily recommend the classes to anyone as an alternative to counselling. Will continue to use tapping as a self help tool when life becomes confusing. " - CC

" I found the workshop to be informative and balanced. The physical followed through from the verbal. The explanations were clear and concise. An enjoyable workshop which taught a wonderful way of wellness. " - J T

" I have thoroughly enjoyed Monique’s EFT course. It has given me a good insight into this technique that I can now use on myself and with friends and family. I look forward to using this technique more and gaining its benefits. Thank you Monique for sharing. " - J

" For anyone, life takes a toll on us with regards to stress and anxiety, worry etc. This course has helped me change what was a very negative way of thinking to a much more positive one. This will help me with my anxiety levels, it already has! Thank you Monique. "

" I loved Monique’s ability to be flexible through the course yet still be able to hold us to task & deliver the information. I was impressed with a well organised and structured workshop. I came with some frustration around not wanting to be here & thinking of all the things I’d rather be doing but was soon able to be present and very happy in what I was learning & gaining experience in. "

" In 2015 The 809 Foundation was created to help people with cancer and their families to access quality information about natural therapies including diet and nutritional advice, exercise and lifestyle changes and to subsidise the costs of high dose IVC.

With funds from the Walk for Hope campaign, gift packages or “Bundles of Hope” were put together to help support and inspire the most desperate cancer sufferers.

Without hesitation, Monique Murphy donated two of her books “Self Healing” and “A Healing Cancer Handbook”. Two beautifully crafted books that have been well received by all of the Bundle of Hope recipients.

As a cancer survivor and as someone who understands how difficult it is to concentrate while under the influence of chemotherapy I truly appreciate the simplistic nature and targeted reach of her two books. Although I am in my second year of remission I still follow many of the practices that are revealed within her books. The “Eat Right for your Blood Type” diet and meditation ideas will forever form the basis of my new life.

A “Bundle of Hope” recipient wrote… “It’s moments like that, being blessed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of people who care that lift me up”.

When you’re hit with cancer and struggling to see the light, Monique’s books help to lift the veil of darkness. Her books are a wonderful addition to our “Bundles of Hope” and have helped to broaden the choices for some of New Zealand’s most affected cancer sufferers.

Thank-you Monique, your contribution is sincerely appreciated. " - Anton Kuraia, Creator of The 809 Foundation