Monique Murphy EFT Practitioner

About Me

Monique Murphy, B.A. Psych. EFT/Matrix Practitioner

Author of “Self-Healing the Body & Beyond” and “A Healing Cancer Handbook”.

"Born in Cape Town South Africa in 1963, I went to live in England and Holland, as although my mom is South African, my dad was Dutch. We returned to SA when I was seven and I finished my schooling in Cape Town. Married in 1985, I had two beautiful children and obtained my BA majoring in Psychology and Sociology when they were infants. My other subjects were Criminology, Religious Study and Communication. I met my second husband while working on a Dive Ship off the coast of Egypt and we were married 6 months later. Spud being a Kiwi meant that we have been moving between New Zealand and South Africa ever since.

It was during my time as a Body Stress Release Practitioner that I realised how little people know about the self healing ability of the human body which is why I wrote my first book; “Self Healing The Body & Beyond”.

My work with cancer patients in New Zealand led to my second book; “A Healing Cancer Handbook”.

Perhaps my biggest achievement has been to produce two grown children of whom I’m incredibly proud, the kind of people that will leave the world a better place. My work now is to help people understand how their beliefs determine their future and what we can do to change our stories so that they serve us instead of keeping us sick or stuck. You cannot change what happened to you in the past, but I can help you change how you feel about it, which makes all the difference."

Happy to do face to face sessions or via Skype / Zoom, Monique also offers FREE TALKS and EFT Demonstrations to groups both large and small. Enquire Here.

"I have found EFT so helpful in my own life dealing with grief, loss and changing limiting beliefs, I just love sharing it with others! The body and the mind are inextricably linked and I believe EFT is effective because we are working on the body (acupressure points) whilst focusing the mind on a mental/emotional problem at the same time."

Book and pay for 6 sessions to get the best price. Just six sessions of EFT can create real and lasting change in your life. Clinical studies have shown six sessions of EFT have rendered formerly completely disabled war veterans fully recovered from severe PTSD. It is recommended that you have the six sessions to make the most progress and ensure real and lasting change.


Mahatma Gandhi

“ Your beliefs become
your thoughts

Your thoughts become
Your words

Your words become
your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your values

Your values become your destiny ”